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Things You Should Know When Testing Your Blood Glucose – Part 3 – Test Strip Don’ts

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What is a normal blood sugar level?

Make an appointment with Berestrand Williams, MD: Find a doctor: Berestrand Williams, MD FAAP is a board-certified primary care doctor at Mount Sinai Doctors, seeing patients of all ages Monday – Friday in Greenwich Village. Trained in Connecticut and Massachusetts, he is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and

Type 2 Diabetes and Daily Blood Sugar Monitoring

Research is telling us that those with Type 2 diabetes don't need to be testing for blood glucose levels at home and that doing so is a waste of money and a strain on the health care system. Other HCT Episodes on Diabetes: 1. YMCA and the Diabetes Prevention Program: 2.

How to use Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Monitoring system | Accu Check Demo by Happy Pumpkins

How to use Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Monitoring system Best Buy Link: Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use with intuitive icons and simple two-button navigation. The large display and numbers make it a smart choice Fast and accurate results: The meter requires no more than 5 seconds to measure and deliver results that correlate