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Full Day Meal Plan for Diabetics, PCOS/PCOD, and Weight Loss | Indian Diet Plan for Diabetes

Full Day Meal Plan for Diabetics, PCOS/PCOD & Weight Loss | Indian Diet Plan for Diabetes | Meal Plan for Weight Loss | Diabetes Meal Plan/Diet Plan | Weight Loss Meal Plan/Diet Plan | Full Day Diet Plan by #VibrantVarsha

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Full Day Meal plan for Diabetes, PCOS/PCOD, and Weight Loss:

Start your day with detox water, empty stomach.

Detox water video links:
– Fenugreek / Methi Detox Water –
– Cucumber Lemon Detox Water –
– Drink Chia Seed detox water –
– Cumin & Carom Seeds Water –
– Cumin Water (Jeera Water) –

In morning breakfast, have any one of the following:
– Oats Idli – or
– Oats Dosa – or
– Oats Porridge – or
– Rava Dhokla Recipe – or
– Poha Recipe – or
– Jowar Dosa –

Along with this, you can drink Green Tea or Milky Tea with no sugar or very little sugar.
– Green Tea video link:

Mid-Morning (2 hrs after breakfast) – Have Strawberry or Blue Berry or Plum or Pear or Nuts & Seeds or Buttermilk (1 glass) or Cucumber

Masala Buttermilk recipe –

Lunch: Start your Lunch with Soup or Salad.

Weight Loss Soup Recipes:
– Low-Calorie Palak Soup Recipe –
– Bajra Malt / Millet Soup Recipe –
– Weight Loss Carrot Soup Recipe –
– Weight Loss Tomato Soup Recipe –

In the Main course: Have Millets Super Weight Loss Rotis – 1 or 2 (medium size) rotis, like Jowar Ki Roti or Bajre Ki Roti or Ragi (Nachni) Roti or Oats Roti with Sprouts or Palak or any leafy vegetables recipe with Mixed Veg Raita.

Super Weight Loss Roti Recipe, video links:
– Jowar Ki Roti Recipe –
– Bajre Ki Roti Recipe –
– Ragi (Nachni) Roti Recipe –
– Oats Roti –

Weight Loss Recipe – Leafy Vegetables Recipe, video links:
– Sprouts Recipe –
– Or Palak(Spinach) Recipe –

In Mid-Evening (2 hrs after lunch) – Have Green Tea or Milky Tea (with No Sugar or Less Sugar) with 2 Cracker Biscuit or Rusk.
– Green Tea video link:

Evening Snack – Have Roasted Chana or Pop Corn without Salt (30 grams) or have Nuts & Seeds like 4-5 Almonds & Walnut or Pumpkin/Sunflower/Flax Seeds or Cucumber.

Dinner should be done between 7:00-8:00 pm. Have any one of the following recipes:
– Masala Oats Recipe –
– Or Moong Dal Dosa –

At Bedtime, drink 1 cup Oat Milk or Turmeric Milk.
– How to make Oat Milk –
– Golden Milk (Turmeric Milk) –

In between the meals, if you feel hungry, then eat Cucumber or Berries or Plum or Seeds like flax seeds/sunflower seeds. Drink detox water, a minimum of 2 liters per day. Sleep adequately and avoid sugar & junk food.

For fast weight loss results, along with this diet do regular physical exercise, minimum 45 min-1 hours like Gym/Cycling/Swimming/Yoga.

Continue this Full Day Oats Diet Plan for Weight Loss for 6 days. Take a break for 1 day & start again.

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