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7 Ways To Prevent Diabetes

7 ways to prevent diabetes. It is estimated that 70 percent of people with prediabetes will eventually have their condition worsen to the point of becoming type 2 diabetes. For those who don’t know, prediabetes refers to a condition in which a person struggles with abnormally high blood sugar, though it’s not yet quite high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.

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Make Adjustments To Your Diet – 00:56
Drink Plenty of Water – 02:00
Get Plenty of Exercise – 02:56
Lose Some Extra Weight – 03:53
Eat More Fiber – 04:43
Get More Vitamin D – 05:33
Drink Coffee or Tea – 06:19


Make Adjustments To Your Diet
When it comes to increasing the risk factors associated with diabetes, two of the biggest culprits are foods which contain large amounts of sugar or refined carbs. If you’re looking to decrease your risk of developing diabetes, or even just live a healthier lifestyle in general, the first step should always be to either reduce or completely cut sugar and refined carbs from your diet. So what makes these particular food ingredients so harmful, you may ask? When you eat foods which are abundant in refined carbs and sugar, your body breaks these foods down quickly into sugar molecules, which are then rapidly absorbed into your body’s bloodstream.

2. Drink Plenty of Water
Reducing the risk of diabetes isn’t only limited to what you eat; what you drink also plays an important role as well. More specifically, one of the best ways to prevent diabetes is to drink plenty of water as your primary source of hydration. In addition to being the most natural and healthy choice of beverage available to you, water also contains none of the added sugar and calories that you can find in most brand name soft drinks and sodas.

3. Get Plenty of Exercise
If you’ve hung around this channel long enough, chances are you already know that eating and drinking clean is only half of what makes up a healthy and balanced lifestyle. So what’s the other half? You guessed it: lots and lots of regular exercise and physical activity. When you exercise, it helps the cells of your body by assisting them in maintaining their sensitivity to insulin, which means that less insulin will be required to process the sugar in your bloodstream and thus keep your body’s blood sugar at manageable levels.

4. Lose Some Extra Weight
While not everyone who ends up developing type 2 diabetes is overweight or obese, a majority of those people are.

5. Eat More Fiber
When it comes to maintaining a healthy diet, what you choose to include in your everyday meal plan is just as important as what you exclude. In addition to cutting out refined carbs and sugar from your diet, you may also want to increase your fiber intake as well.

6. Get More Vitamin D
In addition to fiber, Vitamin D is another important nutrient which can have an extremely positive impact on your blood sugar levels. The people who receive the highest amounts of vitamin D in their systems had their risk of developing type 2 diabetes lowered by a whopping 43 percent.

7. Drink Coffee or Tea
While water should remain your primary beverage of choice and main source of hydration for your body, the occasional cup of coffee or tea might also be useful in protecting your body against the risk of diabetes. Drinking coffee or tea on a regular basis was found to have a significant impact on reducing the likeliness of diabetes, with regular coffee or tea drinkers having their risk of type 2 diabetes reduced by anywhere between 8 and 54 percent.

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