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3 Diabetes Death Drinks To Avoid Like the Plague ! – Natural Remedies For Diabetes

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Diabetes Reversal Resource Guide
The comprehensive guide to understanding, and reversing, diabetes—including the rock solid 3-Phase plan to change the course of your diabetes…and your life!

Natural Remedies for Diabetes
Your guide to dietary & herbal supplements that lower blood sugar, repair damaged nerve cells, fight insulin resistance, and more. Discover the healthiest alternatives to medications and prescriptions, including study-based doses for Chromium, Pycnogenol, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Cinnamon, Benfotiamine, and more!

The Low Blood Sugar Cookbook
Who says you don’t have options when you have diabetes?! This is more than a cookbook. These recipes are perfect for a blood sugar friendly diet low in carbs and calories… and it’s your guide to eating healthy every day—and enjoying it!

The Carb-Counting Cheat Sheet
Your secret weapon! This 2-page cheat sheet shows you exact portion sizes for allowable carbs like milks, breads, fruits, vegetables and nuts, helping you stay on track with the plan, without having to think about or count carbs…because we’ve done it for you!

Personal Meal and Exercise Planner
This is the vitally important Planning Journal where you create your own personalized plan of action, which is KEY to benefiting from everything you’ve learned.

The Diabetes Solution Kit Grocery List
This is a great resource! No more wondering “what should I buy, what should I not buy.” Now you have a list so you can easily choose all your favorite healthy and delicious foods.

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