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What Can Diabetics Eat For Breakfast [2019]

In today’s episode we will cover breakfast, but in ways your doctor and health care team may not have. I want to give you the ability to design that perfect breakfast, what to choose and eat based on your specific kind on diabetes. Our goal is to not ONLY maintain perfect blood sugars, but keep our energy levels and MOOD up for the rest of the day. Remember as I have said many times, each one of us responses differently as a diabetic to food. There are three critically important factors that come in play that are not mentioned anywhere else, only here on the Resilient Diabetic, that need to be addressed first before we can even begin to talk about the food.

Once you understand some physiological basics, stay tuned to the very end as I will give some sure fire foods for breakfast, that when all fails these ideas will work.


I am happy to share my diabetic experiences, knowledge and practical applications here with you all. I truly recognize the beating hearts on the other side of this screen who want to make their life better.

I was diagnosed as a diabetic a little over 5 years ago. It rocked my world because I had been very health conscious and extremely fit my entire life. Coincidentally, my university Bachelor of Science degree also happens to be in the nutritional sciences, so I had a very detailed understanding of what happened. With the help of my amazing doctor, we put together a game plan that has kept me well controlled and healthy.

I must say, even with my background it has not been easy. Balancing out the numerous medications has had its challenges. It is a constant learning curve as we get a better understand of how our bodies respond to both food and in my case the numerous medications.

My humble advise to new diabetics is this. Always work with your doctor. If possible have your doctor provide you with a certified diabetic educator. Two, be careful with advise coming from the hidden internet arm chair quarterbacks. Everyone these days claims to be an expert. Watch out for those scams. If one promises a cure, run and do not look back. What I have learned is this, there is no cure for diabetes. There is only control and consistency…

All this plus much, much more will be covered in up coming episodes….

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