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5 Best And 5 Worst Drinks For Diabetes

5 Best And 5 Worst Drinks For Diabetes
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What you drink matters when you are a Diabetic? Being cautious of your food and consumption is very important when it comes to battling diabetes. In order to help you decide better, we have brought around some of the good as well as the worse drinks that one needs to abide by when they are suffering from Diabetes.

List of drinks that you should drink with Diabetes

1. Water. Hydration plays a very crucial role when it comes to managing the condition of diabetes. If you are someone who has been consistently suffering from high blood sugar levels, chances are that you are going to be suffering from dehydration. Keep yourself hydrated all the time.

2. Low fat milk. Milk is very good for diabetics, the only fact being that you should be well aware of portion control. Aside from that, milk also does provide with a heavy dose of the much required calcium and Vitamin D to the body. If calories bother you, opt for the low fat milk and that should get the trick done.

3. Low fat milk. The low fat chocolate milk is actually quite beneficial for your overall health and can be an amazing post workout recovery drink. Try and make the chocolate milk at home from scratch with some low fat milk and sugar free cocoa powder and that should get the trick done.

4. Chamomile tea. A conducted study has potent benefits of drinking chamomile tea with lowering of the blood sugar levels in the body. It also has protective properties in ensuring to secure any form of nervous, renal or even circulatory impairments.

5. Coffee. If you have been wondering about the best drinks for diabetes, coffee is a good one. The only catch in this is to ensure that you don’t add any kind of sweetener or additives to accentuate its taste. Researchers suggest that drinking 2-3 cups of coffee is actually quite beneficial for effective prevention of the associated risks with this.

List of drinks to avoid with Diabetes

1. Regular Soda. Regular soda tends to contribute to the weight gain during diabetes which might be beneficial for some people, but not something anyone wants at the expense of the heightened levels of blood glucose levels in the body. It also causes spikes in the blood glucose levels.

2. Alcohol. When it comes down to discussing about alcohol, it is considered as one of the worst drinks for diabetes. The main reason behind the same is because of the fact that alcohol has the potency to cause drastic changes to the blood glucose levels in the body.

3. Fruit juices. Any kind of fruit juice, be it the packaged ones or even the freshly pressed ones. It is best to avoid them mainly because of the kind of sugar content they have. The concentrated sugar content has the potency to spike the sugar levels in the blood and cause problems because of the high glycemic index.

4. Energy drinks. Energy drinks can seem enticing but are not that much of a good option, especially if you are suffering from diabetes. It is considered as one of the drinks to avoid for diabetes, mainly because of the fact that they have a high level of sugar in them which has the potency to degrade the health condition altogether.

5. Ginger Ale. The main reason behind why Ginger ale should be avoided by Diabetics is the high carb content in it. A standard 20 ounce bottle of the ginger ale consists of 60 grams of carbs which is a lot, considering that you might already have unstable levels of carbs in your body.

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