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Meter not connecting? – Dario App Tip #5

Meter not connecting? There are some simple and important first steps to take. The application’s troubleshooting page will guide you in adjusting your phone settings to make sure they’re set correctly to use your Dario.

Now that you’ve received your Dario meter, it’s time to get testing! Knowing how to use the meter correctly and understanding how to get the most out of the Dario Application is important. Watch our videos about the meter and the application to use your Dario to it’s fullest potential. Checking your blood sugar regularly and tracking ther factors that might influence your blood sugar levels, such as carbohydrate consumption, mood, and physical activity, will give you more information about your health and t. Whether you are managing Type 1, Type 2, gestational diabetes, pre-diabetes, testing as a preventive measure, or checking your blood sugar levels for an entirely different reason, Dario is here for you! Use our videos to get the most out of your Dario and to simplify your diabetes management.

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