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CF DIABETES: Full day video diary Ft. Libra Freestyle


Follow me through a full day as I try and tame my Diabetes!

A blood glucose level between 4-8 is what should be aimed for.
*Lower than 4 is a Hypo and should be treated with fast acting sugar.
*Higher than 8 is a Hyper and needs to be lowered which I try in this video.

I recently changed my Insulin entirely and have been given a food diary for two weeks to document everything I eat and my blood sugars as I measure them. The data from the libra will be used with my findings by my nurses to tweak my routine.

Libra freestyle (Left side of video) This tracks my blood sugars and uses arrows to tell me whether I am going up, down or staying level.

Accu-chek (Right side of the video) This is the most accurate test of blood sugars and I use it before my main meals and 2 hours after in this video.
This is a day slap bang in the middle of that process so its far from perfect.

You live and learn!


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