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Diabetic Dachshund Wiener Dog Blood Glucose Meter Check How-To

Checking Hector’s blood glucose/sugar level using a OneTouch Ultra meter. I didn’t get into what ideal levels should be, I would recommend talking to your vet about your specific dog. I find Hector’s bevaviour changes when his blood glucose (BG) is below 6 or above 20. High BG is better than too low, so if in doubt, it’s better to have it a little high. In Hector’s particular case, having Lafora’s syndrome, he is much more prone to seizures below 4.

Have an oral syringe of syrup or honey/water mixture on hand with your “kit”. If you find your dog is hypoglycemic (low blood sugar), this is not the time to prepare something to get their sugar level up. It’s generally recommended that smearing syrup on the gums is the best way to quickly raise BG, but if you’ve ever tried that, you know that you end up with most of the syrup on yourself and the dog. Using an oral syringe allows you to squirt it between the gum and lip more accurately and quickly.
Normally Hector is in a different position for both the check and insulin administration (next video), so he flinched and fussed more than usual for the videos. I apologize for the poor video and audio quality, I may remake the videos with a better camera and an assistant. Turning on captions will help you follow along.

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