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Can Diabetics Drink Diet Soda 2019

Today we will tackle a very controversial topic. Can Diabetics Drink Diet Soda? A topic that seems to have all the book smart, educated diabetic experts who are not diabetic, preaching the evils of diet soda.

This video will be an eye opener, very different from anything you may have heard or seen before. So keep an open mind here. I’ve personally heard every reason why I should give up my delicious, crisp, delightfully caffeinated, aspartame, saccharin enriched beverage of choice.

It is death in a can, It will give me cancer, it is addictive like cocaine, its making me fat, it interferes with my gut microbes, it increases my belly fat, it is causing me to overeat.

According to “many studies” drinking those horrid concoctions also puts me at significantly greater risk of having a stroke, a heart attack, type 2 diabetes, along with being diagnosed with dementia. Have I left any of the other thousand reasons out? But wait a minute, I already have diabetes…. Scratch that one out.

Today I will take the other side of the health argument. I will explain why many of these claims many have come to believe are unsubstantiated, misleading, and unproven.

Stay tuned to the very end as I will explain how and why using diet drinks may even improve your health especially as a diabetic. But certain criteria need to be met first.

— The Resilient Diabetic —

I am happy to share my diabetic experiences, knowledge and practical applications here with you all. I truly recognize the beating hearts on the other side of this screen who want to make their life better.

I was diagnosed as a diabetic a little over 5 years ago. It rocked my world because I had been very health conscious and extremely fit my entire life. Coincidentally, my university Bachelor of Science degree also happens to be in the nutritional sciences, so I had a very detailed understanding of what happened. With the help of my amazing doctor, we put together a game plan that has kept me well controlled and healthy.

I must say, even with my background it has not been easy. Balancing out the numerous medications has had its challenges. It is a constant learning curve as we get a better understand of how our bodies respond to both food and in my case the numerous medications.

My humble advise to new diabetics is this. Always work with your doctor. If possible have your doctor provide you with a certified diabetic educator. Two, be careful with advise coming from the hidden internet arm chair quarterbacks. Everyone these days claims to be an expert. Watch out for those scams. If one promises a cure, run and do not look back. What I have learned is this, there is no cure for diabetes. There is only control and consistency…

All this plus much, much more will be covered in up coming episodes….

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