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Can Diabetics Drink Alcohol Life-Saving Tips

Today I will answer a pressing question many new diabetics have. Can Diabetics Drink Alcohol?

Our main concern as a diabetic is, which way is that drink going to move blood sugars!! This key point is what most seem to miss when one seeks advise on this subject. Depending on numerous of factors blood sugars can go drastically up, or even worse crash fast and hard, and at times you have very little control. In this episode, I will explain why in detail….

So it is the holidays, Christmas, new years, you going to a social event, a wedding, special dinner, and there will be alcohol served. So how will alcohol effect a diabetic? Can I have a drink or two???

I will not only answer that question, but at the end give you a tip or two on what drink I’ll request in those social settings… And lets just say since being diagnosed drinking alcohol is rare….I may have 4-5 drinks a year.

But the the reality is, even with diabetes we do not live in a bubble, social events that involve food and drink are all inevitable in our lives.

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