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Top diabetes drinks #diabetic

What drinks can a diabetic take: the best options

As we have seen low calorie drinks and those that do not contain sugar or sweeteners are the best options to consume. But, what drinks do they correspond to?
When you wonder what drinks a diabetic can drink, you should not doubt that water is one of them. But in addition, milk, coffee, tea or juice can be a good alternative.


One of the premises of diabetes is never to be dehydrated. And water is the best drink to get it. It will also make our blood sugar levels do not increase. What’s more, it can even help us to expel excess glucose through urination. Men should drink at least 10 glasses of water a day; while women with 8 could be enough.
There are people who do not like water and find it hard to digest.
To get the recommended daily consumption, you can add variety to the water through:

Slices of lemon or orange.
Crushed raspberries
Sprinkle with herbs (mint, basil …).

Not all types of milk are ideal for diabetics. You have to choose those that are low in fat. The fact of consuming milk will provide useful minerals for the body, but also carbohydrates. What could mean an increase in blood sugar levels.
If you wonder what drinks a diabetic can drink, milk is one of them, but in moderation. Its consumption can not exceed two glasses per day to provide us with the appropriate benefits.


Drinking coffee alone, without added sugar or sweeteners, is one of the recommended drinks for diabetics. If we add to this drink the supplement of these components, the body will be receiving calories, so the sugar levels would skyrocket. Therefore, it must always be taken alone. Its consumption is recommended a couple of times a day.


Tea is a beverage that brings many benefits to the body. That is why it is one of those drinks that a diabetic can take.

The effects of tea consumption will improve our overall health, but in particular it helps us reduce blood pressure and lower LDL cholesterol levels.

Regardless of the type of tea, or if it is cold or hot, as with coffee, you should avoid adding sugar or sweeteners. In this way, we will be able to receive in our organism all the benefits that this drink brings.

Fruit juice

Fruit juices are another beverage that we can drink as long as they are natural, do not add sugar and, the fruits themselves do not contain excess sugar.
Another natural option is vegetable or vegetable juices. Crushed green leafy vegetables can become a perfect drink for #diabetics, providing vitamins and minerals.

Drinks that a diabetic should avoid

Just as you already know what drinks a #diabetic can drink, you should also know that there are certain beverages that can quickly alter blood sugar levels and generate complications in the body.
Some of the drinks you should avoid are:

Refreshments. Coca-Cola, Fanta or any other type of refreshing drink contain added sugars that are harmful to the body.
Energy drinks. They are high carbohydrate drinks that can cause insulin resistance.
Sugary fruit juices To consume them, let it be in moderation. In spite of this it can suppose the increase of the #glucose in blood.
Alcoholic drinks.

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