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5 Food Hacks for Diabetes | 5 food for diabetics

5 Food Hacks for Diabetes

When I’m working with clients who are trying to better manage their diabetes, one of the main points I try to drive home is that all foods can fit. It is possible to satisfy your cravings for your favorite comfort foods while keeping blood glucose levels stable and getting the nutrients you need.

1. Greek yogurt in creamy foods. This trick is an oldie but goodie. Greek yogurt is a great replacement for things like mayonnaise, sour cream and even ice cream! Try a dollop of plain, Greek yogurt on your next batch of tacos or use it in place of sour cream for dips and salad dressings. You can also whip a couple of tablespoons of plain, Greek yogurt into your favorite recipe for chicken or tuna salad to lower the saturated fat level and boost protein.

2. Nuts and legumes in baked goods. Aside from the obvious high sugar content of baked goods like cakes and cookies, the white flour they are traditionally baked with can also make blood sugars skyrocket. Surprisingly, the starch found in beans can be a great alternative to flour in some baked goods. Chickpea flour, for instance, can be used instead of white flour when making chocolate chip cookies.

3. Avocado in place of butter. Although it may sound unconventional, the smooth and creamy texture of avocado paired with its high healthy fat content makes it a great swap for butter in many baked goods. From breads, to donuts and even chocolate cake, using mashed avocado in place of butter can significantly cut down the calories and saturated fat in a recipe.

4. Cauliflower stand-in for starchy favorites. Cauliflower is a vegetable that is good at wearing many hats. Long gone are the days of simply steaming the veggie and adding a pat of butter. Now, cauliflower is gaining popularity in the foodie world for its ability to act as a brilliant low-carb replacement for starchy foods—like rice, and even pizza crust!

5. Veggie versions of “french fries”. It can be difficult to find a true replacement for the king of all comfort foods—the ubiquitous french fry. But with a little creativity, you can indulge in some crunchy, savory fries while still managing to get in a serving of veggies into your meal.

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