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The Diabetes Loophole Book Review – Bonus Content is even better than the main book!!!

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The Diabetes Loophole is an electronic book written by Reed Wilson, which focuses on useful info about how to deal with diabetes based on the type of foods you take.

It is important to note that the book only focuses on natural treatments for diabetes, just mentions a few supplements in one of its sections, and for the most part it is focused on how to structure your meals to lower your glucose levels.

Pros After Reading the Book

Really good value if you take into account the 5 extra books that you can download when you buy the Diabetes Loophole.
The book offers a lot of info that will serve as a reference point to people that want to know more about the type of foods they can eat, and how to structure and prepare their meals.

Cons After Reading the Book

Book structure not very organized, though there is a table of contents.
Main book on the short side, but the five extra bonus books are outstanding.

Book Content and Structure

Main book has 83 pages, contains intro about diabetes, the best foods to take, the ones to avoid, and tips about how to modify your lifestyle if you have diabetes.
Bonus Book 1 is Top 20 Hidden Blood Sugar Triggers, which can cause you sugar upswing, downswing or sugar fluctuation. Bonus Book 2 is Super Foods for Optimal Blood Sugar, list of 20 super foods to help you to control glucose levels.
Bonus Book 3 is Desserts for Diabetics, which contains 25 dessert recipes, Bonus Book 4 is Anti-Inflammatory Diet Report, covers the role of inflammation and oxidation in aging and getting sick, and Bonus Book 5 is Healing Through Hydration, covers the benefits of drinking enough water to fight a series of cronic diseases.

Final Thoughts and Buy Recommendation

As long as you take the 5 bonus books as part of the deal, we consider that the Diabetes Loophole is an easy recommendation to buy, due the huge amount of info provided.

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