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Diabetes Test | Diabetes Testing Your Blood Glucose Level

Hi, Welcome to our YOUTUBE channel. Here we are going to tell you about diabetes test. As a person with diabetes it is important to check your blood sugar level regularly. Your health care provider can help you in choosing which meter suits you best. You should wash your hands thoroughly before taking blood sugar test. Warm water used in washing your hands make it easier to take blood. While checking your blood sugar level, there are several key points, you should remember. Some of them are following:-
1. Check levels at least four times a day.
2. Check before and after the meals.
3. Prick the side of your finger.
It is recommended to contain daily log of your blood sugar levels. Note the date of your sugar level and also notes down the reading. Share this information with your health care provider so that you better manage your blood glucose levels. After test, your blood sugar levels should remain below target range. If your result is above the target range then you should notice that whether that you had eaten with sugar before the test or not. If your blood sugar level is low then you should have juice or life saving drugs and should check your sugar after fifteen minutes to ensure that you have reached your target range.
If your blood level is above the optimum level then you should change your diet and should take part in any physical activity. You should follow the drugs prescribed by doctor .Proper maintaining of your blood glucose level includes regular testing, regular physical activity and proper diet.
Your diet should include fresh vegetables and fruits. You should avoid all kinds of fruit juices as they contain sugar. You should avoid all kinds of processed foods as they contain lot of sugars.

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