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Freedom from Diabetes – Madhumeh se chutkara – Ziaab 110

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Ziaab 110

Herbo Mineral Unique Formula to Arrest and Treat DIABETES.

A Formula for permanent control of Diabetes in a Natural Way.

Ziaab-110 Simulates Beta Cells of islet of langerhans to secret more insulin enabling the pancreas to function at its normal and optimum capacity. Thus level of sugar in blood as well as in urine returns to its natural level establishing the action of Ziaab-110 as a Natural Healer.

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It is a formula of indigenious time proven Herbal medicine specially blended and processed to bring their potency to the maximum. It is safe without any side effects.

Ziaab-110 eliminates any initial risk of discontinuing insulin or any allopathic therapy as with the introduction of Ziaab-110 the insulin etc. is to be continued and should be reduced gradually only after definite indication in lowering of the level of sugar in blood and urine. 

Ziaab-110 must be continued without any interval during the treatment.

Dosages : 2 Capsules three times a day.
2 Capsules before Breakfast, 2 Capsules after Lunch and 2 Capsules after Dinner or less as per the intensity of Disease.

Special Notes : Introduce Ziaab-110 under Doctor’s Supervision while continuing allopathic drugs. Reduce gradually Allopathic (or Homoeopathic) drugs on observation of lowering of sugar level in blood & urine. Withdraw completely allopathic drugs after definite indication of return of normalcy in level of sugar in blood and urine is achieved. After than reduce the dosages of Ziaab-110then discontinue it.

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