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Breaking News – Why should you never skip breakfast? Picking apart the rumours about the ‘most im…

Breaking News – Why should you never skip breakfast? Picking apart the rumours about the ‘most important meal of the day’
ANYONE else getting bored of people harping on about how breakfast is the “most important meal of the day”? What does that even mean? Surely my afternoon vending machine snack or my fish finger supper are just as key? This is why you should always make sure you start the day with breakfast Well it’s time we got to the bottom of this rumour that all bad things come from skipping your first meal. So should we forgo the Weetabix? Or is that a recipe for disaster? Why should you never skip breakfast? Research suggests that brekkie is in fact, quite an big part of the day. There are several different areas affected by skipping your morning meal, here are a few important ones… Increased risk of diabetes The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that you can increase your chances of getting diabetes by skipping breakfast. Of the women testing in the study, they found those who ate breakfast zero to six times per week had a higher risk of diabetes than those who ate it every day. Increased risk of heart disease Studies have shown that avoiding brekkie is associated with hypertension and elevated blood sugar levels. One investigation discovered that there were fewer heart attacks in men between 45 and 82 who had breakfast than in those who didn’t. Eating breakfast every day could actually help you lose weight Helps your memory In 2005 a meta-analysis published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that  eating breakfast could improve cognitive function. That basically means it helps your brain work better, improving your logic and memory. Helps you lose weight… no really. It s crazy that eating could help you lose weight but it’s true. A recent study found that those who had breakfast as their biggest meal of the day lost a significant amount of weight compared to those who had a big dinner. Divorcee, 53, explains why she’s using apps to seek out hunky younger men Are these the worst red carpet wardrobe malfunctions ever? From mistakes to typos here are the best of the worst tattoo fails March 6: Spending more time with people who make you feel good helps your plans Can’t sleep? This could be the easy-to-fix reason why What should I eat for breakfast? The breakfast possibilities are absolutely endless. Your first dilemma is are you going to go sweet or savoury? Savoury options include eggs (in many many different styles), a bacon butty, sausages or even a modern avocado on toast. If you’re going sweet you can still keep it healthy with some porridge and honey or granola, or go all out with pancakes, waffles or even a bit of French toast.

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