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Reverse Diabetes Type 2 ** 3 Meal Plans For Diabetes Cure **

Hi, Welcome to our YOUTUBE channel. Here we are going to tell you about how to reverse the Type 2 Diabetes. In this video we will tell about three simple diet which will help you in reversing your diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is lifestyle problem which can be cured by healthy life style and good diet. With good diet it is possible to reverse the diabetes. In our way to understand this meal plan , it is important three things which are psychological in nature. If we do not understand these things then it will not possible to follow this diets for a long duration of time.

First thing is that you should avoid eating foods that have no nutritional value. These affect the metabolism of sugar. Foods like soda , candy and cakes should be avoided. These foods make pancreas work hard after the meal and overtime causes the system to breakdown. You should reduce your coffee intake as it affects the function of body and also pancreas has to produce 3 un its of insulin for one cup of coffee. Coffee has caffeine in it which is one kind of drug which made people habitual to it. So you become addicted to coffee and your body have to work overtime to cut sugar produced by it. You should have nutritional dense food in your diets. Some examples of nutritional dense foods are green leafy vegetables like spinach .

Second thing is do not eat food for just taste. We know that it is hard to change but you need to change your thinking when it comes to food. Third thing is you should not allow your emotions get over you. In United States ,Generally people prefer fast foods which is main reason for the diabetes in them. So you should be very careful in selecting the food you eat because it may be reason for type 2 diabetes.

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