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Healthy balanced Diabetic food- HOT TIPS

What is the diabetes food pyramid?
1. Grains and starches, level one of the pyramid disturbs me. I cannot keep healthy control eating these foods. They all turn to sugar and will put weight on.
Starchy foods are breads, cakes, potatoes, rice, pasta, cous cous, sweet potato and anything starchy. I’ve been avoiding carbohydrates for years and it’s the only thing that’s worked for me to maintain good normal blood sugar levels. The portion size is very small like for oat meal the portion size is ½ a cup (15gm) Rice 1 dessertspoon (30gms) Pasta 1 dessertspoon (30gms) ½ a potato. Now look at how much you call a serving and that’s why your bloods are up after eating them and you can’t reduce weight. It’s very important to eat them with vegetables. Or the carb has nothing to reduce the affects in your body. That’s what a balanced meal is, lots of veg, protein and a small serving of carb.
2. Vegetables, are level 2 on the pyramid is the main food source we, as diabetics should be eating. Don’t worry if some vegetables have starch like Zucchini because a little carb of this type is negligible and won’t harm you or raise you blood sugar levels. Enjoy all the spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, kale, mushrooms, beetroot, pumpkin, squash, tomatoes, salads, eat them all as much as you like till you feel satisfied. If you can’t do many veg because your tired, start making vegetable smoothies. My favourite is ½ banana for carb, ½ a leaf of spinach, parsley, small piece of beetroot makes it pink, if you want to put some blueberries in, and almond milk (for protein) or coconut water (rehydration) to make it blend. But that’s a good meal replacement or snack to drink your vegetables.
3. Fruit. Good for a pick-me-up in the afternoon when your sugars drop or before dinner or desert. There’s nothing like a baked apple filled with dates and coconut cream drizzled over instead of cream or custard. Some fruits have higher sugar like watermelons, grapes, cherries so try to include eat a portion size rather than being a piggy like me 😉
4. Dairy contains the bad fats and sugars. Yoghurt is only good if it’s a natural Greek style plain yoghurt or it will have large amounts of sugar to sweeten it. Cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, butter are all fats that block up your arteries with the bad cholesterol that we need to remove from our diet. The substitutes are coconut cream, olive oil spread. Sour cream, whipped cream can be substituted with soaked cashews blended to a creamy consistency and put on whatever you like. You see, when you think that you can’t have any of the old comfort foods anymore, there are lots of healthy options to replace them with. These are called healthy diabetic choices. There’s nothing to replace all the delicious cheeses there are but a little in moderation is ok as a treat.
5. Protein. Eggs are my go-to for an easy meal. Omelettes can be filled with all lovely vegetables with a small tin of salmon make it high in protein and taste good. Homemade Humus as a dip for my roasted veg. I don’t eat beans because they inflame my stomach and its un-lady like to fart…giggle Bacon and ham have preservatives, sugars and chemicals so eat at your own discretion. Tofu, chicken, nuts. Now the reason I don’t eat much pork and beef is the time they take to digest in the body. Pork takes 22 hours and beef takes 18 hours to digest in our bodies. It takes too much energy for a meal, so I tend to not eat them very often.
6. Sweets, fats and alcohol. Fast food, Pizza, French fries, potato chips, crackers, biscuit’s, cake, ice cream, anything basically that comes in a packet that is premade.

Believe me the more you go for the less sweet food your taste buds will change and Fats, sweets, and alcohol – Rare/Never/Special treats – Potato chips, candy, cookies, cakes, crackers, and fried foods belong to this group.

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