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Foods that should be avoided from diabetes should be avoided ?

Surveys across the world have shown that diabetes is increasingly growing among women. Nearly 200 million women in the world are victims of this disease. As the health breaks down in diabetes, there are many prohibition restrictions issued for eating. Find out, avoid foods that are healthy.

White bread, pasta, white rice:

To control the amount of blood sugar, eat foods that are low in the level of glaisamic index. Such as brown bread, oatmeal The glycemic index is the relative measurement of how blood sugar is rising after eating food. Increased levels of blood glucose levels increases. Avoid white bread, pasta, white rice. They increase blood sugar levels.

Packet Drinks & Soft Drinks:

Avoid any packaged drinks such as fruit juices or soft drinks. Among these beverages, especially fruit juices, Fructose, which increases the amount of sugar in the blood.

Trans Fat:

Avoid as much chak, excess oil spicy food as much as the mind, to avoid. This food contains trans fat that has an adverse effect on insulin. As a result, blood glucose levels increase and oscillity trends increase.

Baked food and pastry, ice cream:

When you hear water comes out. Know whether cupcakes, pastries, cookies are satisfying your taste, but blood levels increase insulin is multiplied?

Flavored yogurt:

People who do not like to eat yogurt are rare. According to experts, eat curd leaves at home. Various flavors made from the market are harmful for diabetes patients. They increase the risk of diabetes a lot.

Junk Food:

Can you save food while cooking fast food nowadays? Chavin, burger, French fries are working? So be careful! These meals have already received the order of ‘High Glacial Index’. The blood sugar will increase.

Honey, jam, jelly:

What do you eat in the morning? Then just drop them from the diet chart. Market Honey, Junk is an artificial sugar, which is not good for health.


There are so many refined oils available in the market. It is said that fried foods are healthy in them. But not at all. Do you know that all of these oils are fried chips or snacks are playing twelve in your body? Increasing the risk of diabetes is multiplied.

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