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10 Sugar-Free Diabetes Drinks

For weight loss and fitness tips:

This video will show sugar free diabetes drinks you should drink every day

1. Coconut water
This nutrient-rich beverage has been proven to improve blood sugar levels in diabetics, prevent kidney stones, and improve heart health
2. Carrot juice
Research shows that carrot juice can improve your eye health, lower risk of cancer, and improve brain function
3. Pomegranate juice
Although pomegranate juice contains sugar, researchers were surprised to find that pomegranate juice did not worsen diabetes markers, such as blood sugar levels, in the participants with diabetes
4. Lemon juice
Besides keeping you hydrated, this drink will improve your insulin sensitivity and blood circulation, research shows
5. Unsweetened iced tea
Herbal or flavored tea can keep you cool in the summer when served on the rocks. Unsweetened iced tea basically has zero calories
6. Green smoothies
Smoothies allow us to get the nutrients in fruits and veggies with ease. Smoothies are better than real food because they’re easier to digest, increase energy fast and keep us hydrated
7. Ginger water
This drink can help fight inflammation, nausea, lower risk of cancer, and improve digestion
8. Green tea
Green tea is one of the healthiest water substitutes you will ever drink. It contains bioactive compounds that will improve your health and lower risk of diseases
9. Cinnamon tea
Drinking cinnamon tea is an easy way to add this powerful spice to your diet. Research shows that it regulates blood sugar levels and it can help you burn fat
10. Hot cocoa
It has potent antioxidant properties. Research shows it can improve cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure
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