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Best Glucose Meter For Type 2 Diabetes?

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This is a very difficult question to answer. I mean, I have the brand of meter I use and I am sure many of you do as well and we probably all think ours is the best. That makes sense. So I wanted to remain unbiased in this video. My research led me to Consumer Search and an article by Lisa Maloney in March of 2017.

Maloney surveyed 3 major studies of glucose meters from 3 very reputable organizations: Consumer Reports, Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics and the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology. Each of these organizations did an independent study of 25 meters that were the leading sellers.

Each lab looked at several factors including:
• Accuracy
• Ease of Use
• No coding necessary
• Small Sample Size
• Alternative Site Testing
• Storage of Readings
• Data Transfer Capabilities
• Price of Test Strips

According to Consumer Search, the BEST meter is the FreeStyle Lite

Users love the FreeStyle Lite glucometer for its tiny size, fast results, and the equally tiny 0.3 microliter blood sample it requires. Experts love it for its excellent repeatability and accuracy in clinical trials. Other user-friendly features that make this the top glucometer in our report include its backlit screen and illuminated test strip port, no-coding test strips, great durability, and a 400-reading memory that calculates a number of averages to help you spot trends in your glucose readings.

The FreeStyle Lite also has a data port that lets you download your readings into a Windows or OS X computer using FreeStyle’s Auto-Assist desktop program. The program compiles several types of reports including meter settings, meal event averages, daily statistics and a snapshot report. Finally, as tiny as it may be, users have only good things to say about the FreeStyle Lite’s durability; some reviewers have been using the same meter for years with no problem.

What initially look like complaints about the meter often turn out to be unhappiness with just the lancing device. Users don’t like that it requires you to change the lancing needles manually.

The unit itself is about $25. The FreeStyle Lite’s Test Strips (Est. $30 per pack of 50) are on the pricey side, but Abbott, which manufacturers the FreeStyle Lite, offers a co-pay program that limits your payments to as little as $15 per box of 50 strips if you qualify.

Best affordable blood glucose meter in the study is the Bayer Contour Next

The inexpensive Bayer Contour Next excelled in a clinical trial and packs features that are very rare in this price range, including programmable reminders and the ability to add notes or meal tags to readings. Users especially love that you can apply blood to the Contour Next test strips from almost any angle, and if you don’t provide the full 0.6 microliter sample on the first try, you have up to 30 seconds to add more blood to the strip. This meter actually ranked 3rd in 2 of the lab reports and 4th overall.

You can buy this meter for as little as $12. A box of 50 test strips are only about $11 with coupons and discounts available. It is my personal opinion that this is the best meter from my research for most of us with diabetes. And no, it is not the one I use. But I am seriously considering picking one up.

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