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Meal Planning for Children with Type 1 Diabetes

When You Have A Child With Type 1 Diabetes, It’s Easy To Get Carried Away With The Notion Of A Diabetic Diet. In Reality, Your Child’s Dietary Needs Are No Different From A Child Who Doesn’t Have Diabetes. There Are Certain Considerations You Need To Be Aware Of, & Understanding The Carbohydrate Content In Food Is Arguably The Most Important There Are 3 Main Nutrients In Foods—Fats, Proteins & Carbohydrates. These Essential Nutrients Affect Blood Glucose In Different Ways. Fats: Fat Typically Doesn’t Break Down Into Sugar In Your Blood, And In Small Amounts, It Doesn’t Affect Your Blood Glucose Levels Proteins: Protein Doesn’t Affect Blood Glucose Unless You Eat More Than Your Body Needs. Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates Affect Your Blood Glucose More Than Any Other Nutrient. All Of The Carbohydrates In Food Turn Into Sugar In The Blood, And They Get Into The Blood At A Much Quicker Rate Than Fats And Proteins. For People With Type 1 Diabetes, Knowing The Amount Of Carbohydrates In The Food You Eat Is Essential.

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