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Foods one should eat with borderline Diabetes – Dr. Mahesh DM

Borderline diabetes is one of the most common precursors before diabetes and the people with borderline diabetes because they are not aware the preventive methods. If you do not control your diet and exercise, when you are having borderline diabetes or what is also called as prediabetes. The risk of developing diabetes is also 100% in the next 5 to 10 years. So if you don’t do anything in the next 5 to 10 years, then it definitely will develop diabetes. So if you take good measures like diet and excise , your borderline diabetes can become normal and atleast maintain that level for atleast 10 or 20 years sometimes. Only 10% progress even if they have good control of diet and exercise. So 90% can prevent the progression of borderline diabetes to diabetes. What are the food substances that you need to eat and you should know what we should avoid. What we should avoid is eating too much of white rice, eating too much of potato, sweetened beverages, the sugar containing foods and fruit juices that contain high sugars. You need to avoid them. We need to ensure that we are away from red meat, we need to be aware that we should not take too much of junk foods. If you avoid that then you can be sure that then your chances of progression of diabetes will reduce. Second thing is what sugars should you consume, you should consume whole grains especially the whole wheat, millet like ragi, jowar, foxtail millets. These millets definitely contain fiber rich food and we also look at all the articles and you can find substances that are rich in fiber, take whole fruits instead of taking juices. You can consume three portions of fruits every day, you can take peanut butter, tea, coffee without sugar and you can also ensure that you take Mediterranean diet which is rich in vegetables and also food s that coati protein. So if you take these substances that are good for health, which care wholesome and balanced, then you can definitely prevent diabetes. You should also ensure that you should take breakfast and a very less dinner. The more we eat in the night, more the risk of developing diabetes. So always try to take good early breakfast before e 8 o’clock and dinner should be just half or less than half of your breakfast. So this type of eating and avoiding certain foods like white rice, potato, juice and sugars, with consumption of whole grains , fruits, vegetables which are rich in containing rich in fibers, you will be able to prevent, not postpone the diabetes.

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