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Windows8253 Drinks Water #1432

Windows8253 Drinks Water #1432 – Market Pantry Purified Drinking Water

My dad thinks I have diabetes from drinking a lot of water and peeing a lot. Also I guess my Mom’s sister who died around 21 (or around a young age) Like fam no, it’s from me staying hydrated, like you don’t like me staying hydrated fam… And besides I don”t have any of the other symptoms. If I had like 3 of them I would have it but I’m ok fam since my Mom and my Dad don’t have that or my grandma.grandpa I know doesn’t have it. Either my grandpa/grandma that died that I don’t know didn’t have as well so I should be fine… Like fam I’m going to be staying hydrated no matter what chugging waters and filming them either way so I’m going to be uploading them… Besides I don’t do any of these things myself besides peeing a lot from me chugging water. Otherwise I’m fine fam. I don’t even eat a lot usually but I drink around a gallon a day which is 1/3 of the body’s limit per day. I don’t have dry mouth, or itchy skin a lot, or blurred vision so I see differently then I used to, only when I’m tired do I. I don’t have Yeast infections or slow-healing sores or cuts from my acne that are super long to cure. I do get numb but usually that’s from sitting on my hard chair all day and not on a soft surface, because it never happens on a soft chair. I don’t lose weight all the time or vomit a lot either so I should be fine, but I may have to do a fblood sugar test to see if it’s 200 milligrams

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