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Is Coke Zero Good For Diabetes

Is Coke Zero Good or Bad For Diabetes?

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One of the first fears I had when I was diagnosed with diabetes was that I was going to have to give up soft drinks, pop, soda, whatever you call it where you live. The reason being I was told when I was younger that diet soda caused cancer or you might grow a second head or something. I loved my soft drinks, so I was in kind of a panic.

So I set out to find out the real scoop on diet soda, and in particular, Coke Zero, one of my favorites.

MYTH – 1

Coke Zero will cause cancer

Coke Zero or any other diet soft drink has been linked to cancer thanks to a study conducted by Morando Soffritti. Soffritti used lab rats to test the effects on aspartame utraSweet long term. His conclusion was that aspartame played a significant role as a carcinogen.

The problem with his methodology was that Soffritti gave the rats more aspartame than a human could possibly ingest in a life time. Several studies have been conducted since and have found no link whatsoever between aspartame and cancer.

As far as Coke Zero is concerned it does use aspartame but not in the concentrations that some other diet sodas use. It also uses Splenda as an artificial sweetener.

MYTH – 2

Diet soda is harmless.

Because there are no calories, sugars or carbs in diet soda, many people think it is harmless.

But there is a higher concentration of acid in diet drinks. As a matter of fact, diet drinks are much more acid than “regular” soda. This can lead to acid reflux and premature tooth decay.

MYTH – 3

I can lose a lot of weight by drinking Coke Zero.

While Coke Zero and many other diet drinks have no calories or sugars, they also have no nutritional value either.

There have actually been studies that link massive consumption of diet soda to weight gain and even diabetes!

Is Coke Zero, or any diet soda good for the diabetic? Like with anything else, a diet drink in moderation is fine for the diabetic who needs that sparkly fizz now and then. But it is also a good idea to substitute a few of those Coke Zeros for glasses of water. Coke Zero won’t give you brain cancer or cause you to grow a second head, but it also not the ideal thirst quencher for those with diabetes.

I hope this answered your question is Coke Zero good or bad for diabetes. Don’t forget to get your diabetes shopping list by clicking the link here:

Let me know if you have any other diabetes related questions.

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